About The Belgian Trailblazer

Welcome to my corner of the internet! My name is Storm and I started backpacking a lot when I realized life is pretty damn short.

Most of all I would like to take a one-way ticket to the middle of nowhere and start hiking until my feet beg me to stop. (Un)fortunately, I forced myself to pursue a sports degree, because I love sport and going to college in Belgium is fun and cheap.

Why I Made This Website

I love backpacking. I love writing about it. So why don’t I just start a blog where I share my knowledge gained through experiences, I thought.

My goal is to help you explore nature through backpacking. I’ve been told a few times that I should stop trying to get people outside because it would make the trails more crowded. But the way I see it, helping people reconnect with nature in a responsible way will only make the world a better place.

Where I Hike

Most of my backpacking trips take place in Belgium, simply because I rarely have time due to school. When I do have time, I go internationally.

I’ve already been to France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland. This summer I plan to go backpacking for 2 weeks in Mallorca and Tenerife. I’m also going to Slovenia, where I’ll spend a month roaming the mountains.

I backpack in all four seasons. Winter is probably my favorite one, especially if there’s snow.

My Backpacking Style

Backpacking is a combination of camping and hiking. Some people like to camp most of the time, while others, like me, prefer to hike all day.

I usually get up at 10 am to have breakfast, drink a chocolate milk and visit the wilderness toilet. After that, I stuff everything into my backpack to begin the 12+ mile hike, which I usually finish at 8 to 10 pm. Then I set up camp, clean myself, prepare dinner, and maybe light a campfire to read my Ebook next to.

As for the gear I bring, I keep it minimal and lightweight, especially on longer trips. My pack weighed 35 pounds for a 3-day summer trip when I started backpacking, which was pretty uncomfortable to hike with.  Over the years I’ve managed to get it down to 20 pounds.

Does this mean that this website is only useful to you if you’re also a minimalist backpacker? Absolutely not! My goal is not to teach you how to be a minimalist backpacker, but rather to help you find your own style by showing you the ins and outs of backpacking. I fully support hike your own hike…. up to a point. If you’re putting yourself or others at risk by hiking your own hike, then you’re doing it wrong. That’s also what I’m trying to prevent with this website.


My Backpacking Life Goals

There’s still a lot I would like to do before I die. Here’s my backpacking bucket list.

  • Complete the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Complete the Appalachian Trail
  • Complete the John Muir Trail
  • Hiking in Canada and Japan
  • Finding a girlfriend who loves backpacking as much as I do
But my biggest goal is to one day make this blog profitable enough that I can make it a job to explore the world and write about it. That would be like a dream come true.
I hope you enjoy the content I worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, I’d love to hear them!