How To Remove Leukotape Without Ripping Your Skin

Using Leukotape to prevent blisters? That’s great.

That it rips your skin during the removal? Not so great.

This happens because you remove the Leukotape too quickly or too soon. So the good news is that you can say goodbye to painful Leuktope removals by changing your technique:

  • Leave it on your skin longer: the tape gets weaker by the day, so you’ll get it off easier by leaving it on your skin for a few more days. As a rule of thumb, leave it on for at least three days.
  • Use a slow rolling motion: slowly peel an edge and rub it into the opposite corner. Then peel the last piece.
  • Remove it under a hot shower: warm water softens the structure of the glue, making the job much easier.
  • Use Leukotape tape removal solution: Leukotape knows that people have trouble with this, which is why they now sell a removal product. I do recommend that you use the free solutions instead.

two blisters on feet treated with LeukotapeHow To Remove Leukotape Residue From Your Feet

You may have succeeded in removing the Leukotape, but there can still be tape residue sticking to your feet.

You can either wait for it to come off on its own or you can scrub it clean with:

  • Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol)
  • Baby oil
  • Olive oil

My favorite method is to soak your feet in warm soapy water for 10 minutes and use a cloth to scrub your feet down.

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